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Registration Complete but I cannot trade?

Once you have created an account, you will be able to login and access the MEX Digital platform but you will not be able to deposit, trade or withdraw immediately. This means that you will need to complete our KYC process first.

To become a verified client that can trade on MEX Digital, please ensure you submit appropriate verification (KYC) documentation:

1. For Crypto-to-Crypto trading ONLY, please have your ID document ready for verification / KYC purposes - click here to login to the platform and then click on the 'Verify" button on the bottom left of your screen to begin the KYC process.

2. For Cash (Fiat)-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Crypto pair trading, please have BOTH your ID document as well as your Proof of Address ready for verification / KYC purposes - sign in here to complete verification.


  • We do not offer our leverage product to customers in the UK or Australia
  • Nationals from the USA and UAE and residents of Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, as well as clients from the OFAC Sanction list will not be onboarded for trading under our existing licenses and regulation. Stay tuned to our Announcements page for notifications on when we will be able to onboard these countries.

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