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Registration Complete but I cannot trade?

Once you have created an account, you will be able to login and access the MEX Digital platform but you will be unable to deposit or trade. This means that you still need to complete our KYC process first. To become a verified client that can trade on MEX Digital, please ensure you submit appropriate verification (KYC) documentation: Proceed to 'Identity Verification’ to begin the KYC process.  Follow the prompts to fill-in the required information.   On this page... Read more

How long does verification / KYC take?

MEX Digital uses KYC technology that runs checks in real-time, which makes our verification process fast. Once you submit your documents, we will inform you of the outcome within minutes.  You will be able to track the status of your verification on the Identity verification page and you will be informed once the process has been finalized and you can trade. In case the initial verification is not successful, it will be manually verified by Compliance & further KYC documents might be r... Read more

How to Deposit Fiat?

NOTE: ALL Cash (Fiat) & Crypto Deposits on MEX Digital are FREE! Cash (Fiat) can be deposited via the following methods: •    Wire Transfer •    Payment Gateway Steps to deposit Fiat via Wire Transfer: •    Log into the MEX Digital platform by inserting your login credentials  •    Go to “Deposit Funds”, select the relevant cash (fiat) currency you would like to top up your account with... Read more

How to buy Crypto with Fiat?

I am NOT a verified MEX Digital client: 1.    The first step is to create an account with MEX Digital (Click here to sign up now) 2.    Once you have confirmed your email and set a password, you can then login to the trading platform. 3.    Once you're in the trading platform, the next step is to VERIFY yourself which is mandatory to begin any trading process. In order to trade Fiat-to-Crypto pairs, you must submit a Proof of Address in order to v... Read more

How to Create an Account (Sign-Up)

Creating an account is as simple as submitting your email address, however, as a regulated exchange, we are required to verify your identity before we can enable your access to trade.      Please ensure you submit appropriate KYC verification documentation as per the instructions below. Step One: Please register to begin creating an account. You will need to submit your email address, phone number, and password, as well as agree to our Terms and Conditions. Step two: You... Read more
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