How do I Withdraw Crypto?

The withdrawal process is as follows:

1. Login - click here 

2. Select the "FUNDS" tab & click on "Transfer Funds"

3. Select the coin you want to withdraw and transfer funds from your EXCHANGE wallet to PRIMARY wallet on the platform.

4. Once the coins are reflected in your PRIMARY wallet, then select "Withdrawal" on the "FUNDS" tab where you will enter the;

  - Coin Wallet Address (External receiving wallet)

  - Amount to be sent in Coin


Withdrawal Fee:

- BTC: 0.005

- ETH: 0.05

- BCH: 0.001

- LTC: 0.1

- XRP: 25

- USDT: 10


Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit: 

- BTC: 250

- ETH: 500

- BCH: 250

- LTC: 500

- XRP: 2.5 million

- USDT: 50k


If you are still having issues, please send us a message via Contact Us with the following information:

1. Coin Name

2. Transaction ID (if you have it)

3. Transaction Address

4. Transaction Payment ID

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