How to Deposit Fiat?

NOTE: ALL Fiat & Crypto Deposits on MEX Digital are FREE! in other words, there are no deposit fees.   Fiat can be deposited via the following methods: 1. Money Transfer (see "Link a Bank Account") 2. Debit or Credit card 3. PayPal You will have to be fully verified (gone through the KYC process) to be able to deposit fiat. [What is KYC?] Read more

How Long Will my Fiat Deposit take to reflect in my Account?

Fiat deposits should generally reflect within a 24 hour period, however, depending on the country you are sending from, deposits could take as long as 48 - 72 hours to reflect in extreme circumstances. Read more

How to buy Crypto with Fiat?

NOTE:  MEX Digital does not offer our services to nationals of the USA, UAE, and OFAC Sanctioned countries. MEX Digital does not offer our leveraged products to clients residing in the UK and Australia. MEX Digital does not offer our services to applicants residing in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and OFAC Sanctioned countries. However, if residence country of applicant differs, they can proceed with KYC using an identity document from that country given they satisfy the above conditions... Read more

How to buy Crypto with Crypto?

I am NOT a verified MEX Digital client: 1. The first step to buying crypto is to create an account with MEX Digital. Click Here to create an account 2. The second step is to go through the mandatory KYC process (onboarding) as required by a regulated entity. Please have your Proof of ID (passport or national ID) and proof of address available   I am already a verified MEX Digital client: In order for a client to now trade, they must follow the following steps: 1. Log into the MEX... Read more

Deposit Address

Ensure the deposit address you used is that of MEX Digital, you can search the deposit address for each coin by going to the coin wallet address under "Deposit" on the FUNDS tab in your profile, or alternatively contact support to confirm whether the address belongs to MEX Digital. NOTE: We will not be able to help retrieve your deposit funds if your recipient address does not belong to MEX Digital. You will need to contact the sender platform for further assistance. Read more
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