Order Exceptions

1. If an order you placed hasn't been filled, please inspect the order to ensure the price of the order has matched the bid/ask price & volume 2. If the price and volume haven't been matched, you can either cancel the order and submit a new order with a more competitive price or alternatively leave the order open and wait for the bid/ask price & volume to be reached 3. If the above suggestions don't solve your problem, please contact us and have the following screenshots av... Read more

Trading Fees

Please visit our Fee Structure page for the full list of trading fees CLICK HERE Read more

What Is Leveraged trading?

What is leveraged trading? When you use leverage, you are essentially borrowing funds to increase your trading position beyond what you would be able to deposit. You are required to deposit an initial margin (collateral), against which you can borrow funds to amplify your position.   MEX Digital offers up to 100:1 leverage which means your initial margin requirement would be 1.00% of total transaction value. For example, deposit $1,000 as margin in your account and you can trade up... Read more

What is slippage?

Slippage is a term best described when a trader completes a Market Order that is larger than the amount of buyers/sellers on the other side of the trade. When placing an order, it's important to realise that for you to purchase a cryptocurrency, there needs to be someone selling on the other side of the trade.  To understand this we first need to define the Bid-Ask Spread •    The Bid Price represents the maximum price that a buyer is willing to pay for an asset.&nbs... Read more
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